The Company Held a Kick-off Meeting to Prepare for the Shareholder Safety Inspection

In the morning of April 25, the company held a kick-off meeting to prepare for the shareholder safety inspection of 2022 in the Technology Conference Hall of the plant.

The company management Liu Xiangdong, Zhao Tianxing, Lin Xu and Yang Fei attended the meeting.

Liu Xiangdong commented that production safety is critical for the safety of people and the overall development of the company, which allows any slack. The company should thoroughly implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition and instructions on production safety and the spirit of the national teleconference on production safety, manage both safety and development, maintain high vigilance and make all-out effort for production safety, continuously promote construction of intrinsic safety and maintain the stable situation of production safety.

Liu Xiangdong put forward three requirements for production safety and the safety inspection:

First, firmly protect the red line and the bottom line of production safety, and align our mindset/ actions with the production safety decisions/ deployment of Party Central Committee and the State Council, so as to ensure stable situation of production safety, create a good atmosphere and stable/ safe environment for the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the CPC.

Second, adhere to goal orientation, problem orientation and consequence orientation, in strict accordance with the "15 mandatory measures" deployed by the national production safety teleconference and the implementation plan for the “20 specific production safety measures of Sinopec, develop detailed plan for a targeted and effective inspection.

Third, profoundly learn from the production safety incidents happened recently in China, and carry out inspections to draw inferences until all the potential hazards are identified, rectified and removed with long-term mechanism in place. At the same time, manage production safety work with regular measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Liu Xiangdong required all discipline inspection groups to improve their awareness, shoulder their responsibilities, make strict supervision, be "zero tolerance" to the potential hazards and problems, and ensure an effective safety inspection with good working style. The departments and Business Teams to be inspected were expected to cooperate with the discipline inspection groups, ensure smooth progress of the safety inspection, and lay a solid foundation for the safety inspection of Sinopec Group.

Zhao Tianxing chaired the kick-off meeting and required all departments and Business Teams to implement the deployment and requirements of the safety inspection, actively communicate and closely cooperate with the inspection groups to identify/ rectify potential hazards, loopholes and gaps in production safety, so as to ensure stable situation of production safety.

Lin Xu required all departments and Business Teams to pay close attention to the weak points and the main problems, list the potential hazards identified by category, formulate and implement targeted rectification measures to ensure closed-loop management.

Members of the shareholder’s safety inspection team, management personnel of all departments, Business Team managers and relevant disciplines of the company attended the meeting.

After the kick-off meeting, the shareholder’s discipline inspection groups communicated with the contacts of the relevant discipline of the company, and carried out inspections at site. (Zhang Lei)