[2023-02-23]        Sinopec Group Carried out a Special Fire Protection Assessment in the Company
   [2023-02-22]        The Research Team of China Energy Chemical Geology Union Visited the Company for Research
   [2023-02-16]        The Company Convened 2023 Annual Work Conference
   [2023-02-13]        The Company Held the First Meeting of HSSE Committee of 2023
   [2023-02-07]        The Company Management Visited Quangang Marine Department
   [2023-02-04]        Zhang Yigong, Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Visited the Company for Research
   [2023-01-31]        The Company Management Visited Port Administration Departments
   [2023-01-30]        2023 New Year Address
   [2023-01-16]        Labor Union of the Company Visited Model Workers before the Spring Festival
   [2023-01-16]        The Company Management Visited Front-line Employees before the Spring Festival
   [2023-01-09]        Sinopec Special Supervision Group Carried out Pre-festival Safety Inspection in the Company
   [2022-12-31]        FREP Obtained the Title of "Green Plant" of Fujian Province
   [2022-12-30]        EO/EG Debottleneck Revamp Project Passed Completion Acceptance
   [2022-12-17]        The Company Held Management Competence Improvement Training
   [2022-11-24]        Leaders of the Ecology and Environment Department of Fujian Province Visited the Company for Research
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