The Party Committee of the Company Visited the Employees Working on the Frontline of Epidemic Response

In the afternoon of March 24, entrusted by Liu Xiangdong, secretary of the company Party Committee and chairman of the company, Zhao Tianxing, deputy secretary of the company Party Committee, general manager of FPCL and vice president of FREP, Lin Xu, member of the company Party Committee, deputy general manager of FPCL and vice president of FREP, visited the frontline cadres and employees on behalf of the Party Committee of the company, with gifts and the letter of thanks. Neo Ee Ee, vice president of FREP, attended the activity.

At the most critical time of epidemic prevention and control, the Party Committee of the company cared about the cadres and the employees working on the frontline of production and epidemic prevention.The company management, in two groups, visited the employees working on the frontline, expressed care and greetings of the company Party Committee and the OOP. They encouraged all, at the most crucial moment, to reinforce confidence and strive to win double victories of epidemic response and production operation.

After the epidemic outbreak in Quanzhou City, the company immediately initiated the epidemic response emergency mechanism. About 1,700 employees responded to the call of the company Party Committee, left their families behind to protect the “big family”, and worked hard on the frontline of epidemic response. They stayed at Quangang plant, implemented enclosed management, built a strong defense line against the epidemic, which firmly guarded the bottom line of safety and environmental protection, and ensured continuous operation, production and products supply.

Zhao Tianxing and his group visited Mechanical Department Office Building, New CCR, the Engineer Building, Vienna Hotel and Huangdu Hotel in Quangang District, and checked the supply of daily necessities and the work of the employees.

Zhao Tianxing commented that the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control highly influenced the work and life of the employees. However, all employees of the company overcame difficulties, worked hard on posts, operated the units with high enthusiasm, high work standard and unchanged commitment to the targets, and ensured safe and stable operation of the plant and orderly operation and production. The company deeply appreciated the hard work of all, and hoped everyone to maintain the good momentum of hardworking.

In the New CCR, Zhao Tianxing asked about manpower reduction of Business Team due to the epidemic, and affirmed the human resources arrangement and overall planning of the business teams during the epidemic outbreak. He asked Business Teams to carry forward the hard working tradition in this special period. He emphasized that Business Teams to make good arrangements for the work and life of those under home-based health observation, and the general Party branches and Party branches are expected to understand the needs and expectations of the employees, as well as provide support and help. He also extended care and concern to the employees of Terminal Business Team and EOEG Business Team via video links.

In Vienna Hotel and Huangdu Hotel, Zhao Tianxing asked about the employees living and accommodation in detail, and stressed the importance of good personal protection upon hardworking. He encouraged all to overcome difficulties, and stay close contact with their families through WeChat and video call.

Lin Xu, Neo Ee Ee and their group visited the Product Quality Center, the Old CCR and the hotels in Quangang District such as Yiting and Zhizun, and expressed regards to the employees working on the frontline of epidemic response.

Lin Xu and Neo Ee Ee sincerely thanked all for their hard work and hoped that while doing a good job in safe and stable operation and equipment maintenance, all to properly balance of work and rest, implement epidemic prevention and control measures, create a good working environment and ensure personal health. Relevant functional departments were expected to ensure good logistics support to protect safe, stable and optimal production of the units.

In the Old CCR, Lin Xu and Neo Ee Ee thanked the employees for their understanding and support to the company’s work, and hoped that everyone would carry forward the company spirit of "teamwork and pursuit of excellence" and jointly build a prosperous FREP.

At Yiting Hotel and Zhizun Hotel, Lin Xu and Neo Ee Ee checked the accommodation and living conditions of the employees in detail, asked about their needs and difficulties, and discussed how to solve the problems. They required responsible departments to ensure good logistics services for comfortable staying in the hotels.

In the critical time of epidemic response, the Party Committee of the company required that all Party members to carry forward the spirit of continuous struggle, step forward and undertake responsibilities bravely, work hard on the frontline and give full play to the leading and exemplary role in epidemic prevention and control, unite and lead all employees to build a strong defense against the epidemic with concrete actions, and let the Party flag fly high on the frontline of epidemic prevention and control. (Text: Lin Mingbin Photo: Qiu Aimin, Zhuang Jiansong)