Zhao Tianxing Provided Guidance to MECH Dept. on Reliability Improvement Work

In the afternoon of March 27, Mechanical Department held a reliability improvement workshop. Zhao Tianxing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of the company, attended the meeting. General manager, deputy general managers, module managers and relevant personnel attended the meeting.

Zhao Tianxing thanked everyone for putting forward questions, suggestions, and recommendations for reliability improvement. He commented that equipment reliability improvement was the key focus area of the company. This workshop could be the kick-off meeting of reliability improvement actions in this year, followed by formulating plans, implementing measures and strengthening management. Intermediate meeting and final meeting would be organized to summarize and review the progress of reliability system improvement, thus to ensure steady improvement of equipment reliability. He also put forward specific requirements on equipment discipline management, reliability system improvement and continuous improvement.

The overall situation of the reliability system and the benchmarking results with Sinopec's equipment integrity system were reported at the meeting. The idea for reliability system overall improvement was introduced at the meeting, as well as the improvement plan of each equipment discipline.

At the meeting, the attendees had an in-depth discussion on "reliability improvement" according to actual work situation. (Text: Liu Zonglin  Photo: Liu Jiaxin)